Client Testimonials

I have received orthopedepic massage from Monika for 3 years. She has taught me how to listen to my own body. I learnt how to relax with simple, fun, yet very effective exercises I can do at home (this also let me notice I was in such bad condition) I enjoy the gentle stretches in areas that I am never able to stretch by myself. The result of the regular bi-weekly sessions:

• I feel younger, I can do things I could not do for years like downward dog or planting in the garden.

• As Breast Cancer survivor (7 years and counting) Monika helped me regain my strength and shoulder mobility.

• Daily chores became easy: no more Ibuprolen for sore arms after cleaning the windows.

• I read my own body much better (I did not know what causes my sore muscles or pain).

Accountant is my day job, I spend 8 hours a day in front of computer; I enjoy yoga and gardening in my free time.

- Nancy H.

When I first met Monika I was in a lot of pain, having been diagnosed with severe arthritis in my lower back. After two summers of intensive physical therapy I still felt quite limited in how well I could move. Then I discovered balanced posture and Monika and the two, amazingly, fit together. Now I am back to swimming, folk dancing, playing my instrument and doing all the things I love to do. Seeing Monika on a regular basis is part of the balance.

- Margaret, writer and musician

As a former bodyworker I am very familiar with many different styles of massage therapy and have experienced quite a few personally. Monika has managed to specialize in a couple of different styles that I find extremely helpful for dealing with the issues that my body has experienced over the last couple of years.

Being a software computer professional now, I'm dealing with a lot of neck and shoulder issues. Her Hendrickson work is especially suited for dealing with the aching muscle problems that will occur over time. In addition, I will sometimes have a string of headaches for days, and will take advantage of her cranial sacral work to relieve my stress and end the pain and discomfort.

Last, but not least, when I'm in the mood to be pampered, there are few types of body work that will compare with Monika's hot stone work. I highly recommend you consider her the next time you are considering getting body work done by a well trained and caring professional.

- Rene W.

I have tried different types of massage but none has shown the lasting improvements with my neck and shoulder tension as the Hendrickson Method.

-Joan H., Sign Language Interpreter

So far, Monika's hot stones massages have helped me accelerate the healing of a sprained ankle, rest a world-weary soul, and release both physical and emotional toxins wreaking havoc in my body. This is my number one self-care treat for the foreseeable future.

- Martha C.S., Psychotherapist & Author

I often travel to Asia for extended business trips. The jet lag when I return can affect me for many days. Work pressures are always greater when I get back and I need to perform better than usual. I have found getting a hot stone massage from Monika on the day I return has typically reduced my recovery time to a couple days. I am able to get on a Pacific Time sleep schedule much quicker and stay alert through the day.

- Bill S., System Engineer

When Monika Hartwig places her smooth, dark, hot stones on my body the tension, stress, doubts and fear related to living each day simply melt away. I feel restored to an equilibrium of serenity and calm. Between her keen intuition, healing touch, and open heart, Monika soothes my limbs, rejuvenates my spirit, and reinvigorates my perspective of optimism and faith that all is well in my life.

- S. Murphy Murray, Management Consultant

I have been getting body work from Monika for over 2 years and achieved a level of healing different than any other body work. Between the craniosacral work and the Hendrickson Method, she relieves my headaches, and tensions from working on a computer all day. She listens to my body's needs and does what my body is comfortable releasing. She creates an environment of safety and caring about me and my health.

- Susan W., Project Manager

When I saw Monika for the first time in 2004, I had no idea what visionary craniosacral therapy was. I had suffered with severe neck problems for many years. What happened on Monika's table was amazing. Under her hands my body started moving and releasing old pain patterns from a serious car accident in my teenage years. At one point, I felt like a big brown bag filled with "dirt" came creeping up my spine and was thrown out of my body. After the session I felt immense relief; it was as if my neck had been reborn.

- Christiane B., Editor