This orthopedic massage is a therapeutic, highly effective, clinical type of bodywork used for recovery from injuries, relief from chronic pain and tension, and long-term structural improvements.  It was developed by the chiropractor Dr. Tom Hendrickson in Berkeley, CA.

Behind this approach stands the observation that each muscle and joint in our body has a place of optimal function. Through injury, bad posture or chronic tension the soft tissue will shift to a different position: we pull our shoulders up when we are tense. The intention of this modality is to reposition the soft tissue and to re-educate the body to stay in a more balanced posture.

What to Expect

A session lasts usually 60 minutes. You may stay dressed wearing thin, comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Most of the work is performed in the side-lying position, supported by a body pillow. You will need to participate and "work" a bit by doing some resisted stretches on the massage table. Strokes are applied in a gentle wave-like rocking motion that is also very relaxing.

You will learn to become aware of when and how you hold tension in your body: being aware is the first step to change. Regular Hendrickson work improves an imbalanced posture noticeably.