Hot Stone Treatment

The therapeutic value of heated stones has been recognized since ancient times in various cultures: Egyptians used them in their ceremonies and they are still part of the Native American  sweat lodge.

The modern interpretation of the hot stone treatment,  known as “LaStone”,  has been developed by Mary Nelson, a massage therapist in Tucson. I received my 50-hour-training from one of Mary’s graduates.  

What to Expect

A session lasts typically 90 minutes. You need to undress completely since I apply long strokes with the stones along the body, similar to an Esalen massage. The areas I am not working on will be covered for modesty and warmth.  Oil will be used so you may like to take a shower afterwards.

You will be very relaxed: don't plan to "do business" afterwards. Hot Stones detoxify and stimulate the lymphatic system: drink water and expect frequent visits to the bathroom. My clients have described Hot Stones as very nurturing or even as a spiritual experience.

This modality is contraindicated for high blood pressure, diabetes , pregnancy,  severe skin conditions and immune-compromising disorders.